After last year’s successful WW2 game run in conjunction with NZ WW2 Airsoft we are doing it again!



This year we already have larger numbers and are working on additional WW2 vehicles to accommodate this increase. We have found putting on these WW2 games to be a heck of a lot of fun for us also.

This year’s game will see things harder for the Allies and the Axis having a few surprises up their sleeves. So if you have period kit, weapons and would like to play an Airsoft game that is quiet different then register for this one.

Due to its popularity registrations close at the end of March.

Please be aware this is a pyrotechnics supported game. If you don’t like bangs please don’t sign up.













Invasion 2 carries on from Invasion 1, but will see a new faction introduced that will have all sides wondering

Who is the greater evil?

Invasion 2 is a 30 hour milsim game set up to simply run light and dark teams with an additional team to be made public later. You can either play the full 30 hours or just the day portions of the event. 

This game is designed to bring as much bang to your game as possible.

Registrations for this event will close in August.


As we begin the New Year I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the one just passed, 2014.

For MAG 2014 was a busy year that saw change and expansion for us both here in New Zealand and overseas. The company’s long term strategic plan continued to be implemented building quietly on previous success.


We were very privileged to run another military display weekend. This event saw more military vehicles, weapons, uniforms, and equipment on display in one place for some time. The highlight of the event for me was the amazing participation of the

re-enactors who attended.


Whilst MAG still owns MAG Veterans it was established as a subsidiary in the middle of the year to allow it to continue to provide social gaming while the company continued to focus on business related matters. MAG Veterans now operate under their own stewardship but still remain an integral part of the group.


Carl ran the very successful ‘Invasion’ event allowing us to begin rolling out some of the support equipment that we have been able to secure.


Glen enjoyed his work on the Vodofone advertisement project and Linda once again dealt with a music video production. Our experience and participation in the film and media industry is slowly growing and we are getting better and better.


This brings me to this coming year. We are already busy planning a WW2 game and the open event in November ‘Colombian Dawn’.


As a company we now have a very active and permanent presence on shore in Australia. There are possibly further acquisitions and expansions on the horizon.


Combine this with further film work, field expansion, and MAG Re-enactors and 2015 looks like it is shaping up as a mega year for MAG


Noel Jane. 

Managing Director 




Some of you like myself may be finding that when viewing our new web page that the page links in the menu at the top of the pages aren’t working for you when you are using some apple platforms. This problem will soon be fixed once apple allow Mozilla Firefox to be used on their plate forms.

Quote: Mozilla Support web page

Apple's restrictions have previously prevented us from bringing the current version of Firefox to iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). However, we are working on a Firefox experience that you can enjoy on your iOS device in 2015.

So until then I have installed a side menu for Apple users in the left panel that will work, so as you can still enjoy all that our site has to offer.

















 OCT 22ND-23RD 2016 








 OCT 22ND-23RD 2016  






SRC M4 RIS Full Metal Full Auto


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SRC MP5K Full Metal Full Auto

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